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  • Decorating with rugs: Gancedo’s customized designs
    Decorating with rugs: Gancedo’s customized designs

    Carpets are magic, and that’s because, along with curtains, they have the power to adorn and insulate like no other decorating feature. It’s true that they’re perfect at any time of year to enhance decorating schemes and define environments which share the same space, but it is in winter that they become indispensable. And even more so this year, since our homes have become our safe haven on colder days. We have to insulate them and endow them with features which will render the time we spend...

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  • How to choose the perfect rug
    How to choose the perfect rug

    As well as embellishing and bringing warmth to their surroundings, rugs are essential extras which enhance the decor of any room. But it’s important to find a type which fits our tastes and the quirks of the room where we are going to put it. At Gancedo we want to help you to choose the perfect rug and for this reason, as well as presenting you with our mini-guide, we want to introduce you to our two latest collections: Dhurries and Geometric, the perfect solutions for up-to-date interior...

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  • Cómo elegir la alfombra perfecta
    Cómo elegir la alfombra perfecta

    Además de vestir y dar calidez a los ambientes, las alfombras son un complemento imprescindible para enriquecer la decoración de cualquier estancia. Pero es importante dar con un modelo que encaje con nuestros gustos y con las peculiaridades del espacio donde vayamos a colocarla. En Gancedo queremos ayudarte a elegir la alfombra perfecta y para ello, además de presentarte una mini guía, queremos que conozcas nuestras dos últimas colecciones: Dhurries  y Geometric, propuestas ideales para...

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