The General Management of TAPICERÍAS GANCEDO S.L. establishes the principles and commitments of its Integrated Management Policy in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards, with the aim of integrating the maximum quality and respect for the environment into every single one of its activities involving the design and commercialisation of fabric and elements of interior design.
To this end, the Management of TAPICERÍAS GANCEDO S.L. blends its technical, production, financial and human means and resources into a single, competitive management and decision-making structure in accordance with the following objectives:
• As a basic tenet of the continuity of our activity, the creation of worthwhile sustainable proposals for the client which will meet their needs and reinforce their loyalty.
• Contributing to the ongoing improvement of services provided to our customers.
• Enshrining ongoing improvement as a basic operating principle on the basis of anticipating, rather than correcting flaws in processes, damage to and worsening health outcomes, and impacts on and pollution of the environment, making the best use of resources supporting sustainable development.
• Implementing and putting at the disposal of the organisation all available means to guarantee and foster the protection of the environment.
• Introducing integrated management procedures, with the objective of guaranteeing compliance with applicable legislation and other requirements entailing the prevention of pollution.
• Establishing strategic partnerships with our suppliers leading to commercial transactions of better quality and respect for the environment thus creating added value for both parties.
• Complying with legal requirements and other requirements which the organisation adheres to as well as applicable requirements acquired via customers.