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We look forward to greeting you at Pau Claris, 115.

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1945, we were born in Barcelona

2023, we are born in Barcelona

Gancedo Showroom Studio. Same roots. New connections.

In the mid-twentieth century, the Gancedo brothers founded much more than a soft furnishings store in Barcelona. Seventy-eight years later, our city is once again providing the new inspirational setting for the creation of the great new Gancedo Barcelona project. An innovative new space with a professional vocation meeting the most stringent demands posed by interior design creation today. Yet another symbol of the new Gancedo.

Project&Contract: design, control and adaptation.

Everything you need, all in the same place. All the professional services required to enable each and every project, from the creators of spaces. From the most venerable to the rising stars. Thanks to our direct control of the entire value chain: a sum total which includes our own factory, making up workshop, design department and professional installers.

We are Gancedo: things can only go well.

Gancedo designs, edits, produces, selects, markets and installs all the tools which sketch out spaces and their feelings. Fabrics, wallpapers, rugs and paints. And much more: the deepest knowledge of all the requirements of the professional sphere. With a unique contemporary sensibility, and commitment to your projects.


Gancedo services for professionals

- Home stylist

- On-site measurement

- Technical advice

- Customized textile design

- In-house making-up

- Expert installation (fabrics, fitted carpeting, wallpaper, paint…)

- Ad hoc production

- Any fabric rendered flame retardant

- After-sales follow-up and maintenance

- Showroom for client presentations

- Loan of sample books

- Samples for clients

- Prior appointment

- Textile design training workshops

- Creative thinking sessions for clients

Discover a space for project creation where you can access the most cutting-edge inspiration, connect with design and prestigious international brands, and integrate new features, materials and commitments to sustainability.

Nati Gancedo

Manager Barcelona

Paz Leal

Showroom Barcelona

Rosa Meca

Directora canal distribución

Yolanda de Pedro

Contract Barcelona

Johanna Cabrera

Contract Barcelona