Private apartments

A contemporary and pleasant urban ambiance

This project is an example of the spirit of mutual trust and cooperation that exists between Gancedo, the creators of spaces and those responsible for Contract projects. Interior designer Begoña López relied on our experience and mix of skills in these exclusive Brussels apartments.  


LEach of the rooms exudes elegance but also comfort and a functional aspect in line with the latest trends without losing attention to detail. Drapes, blackout curtains, accessories and upholstery turn these urban apartments into cosy and warm spaces. The assortment includes fabrics with textures, calm tones, geometric prints and subtle patterns. Linen curtains, opaque curtains and velvet upholstery in stone and natural tones complete each space, making each unique.

Let´s do it together

Our team of experts will advise you in order to offer the support you may need as your process takes shape.

We can assure you that you will supported at all times throughout our relationship, from the initial project concept to its execution.