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  • Inspiración japonesa en la colección Kimono de Gancedo
    Inspiración japonesa en la colección Kimono de Gancedo

    Japón está de moda. Seguramente hayas oído hablar del wabi-sabi y del japandi, dos tendencias que arrasan en interiorismo y que tienen en común la predilección por los ambientes minimalistas y los materiales naturales. En realidad, más que dos estilos decorativos son dos filosofías de vida que apuestan por el bienestar y la armonía. Lo que en nuestras casas se traduce en crear interiores en los que reine la paz, donde nos sintamos cómodas, protegidas y a gusto. Para lograrlo, nada como los...

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  • Tendencias decorativas para este otoño-invierno
    Tendencias decorativas para este otoño-invierno

    Suele pasar, con el cambio de estación nos entran unas ganas irrefrenables de renovar, no sólo nuestro armario, sino también la decoración de nuestras casas. Lo mejor de todo es que con cambios sutiles y detalles bien escogidos conseguiremos que cualquier rincón luzca un nuevo look y, si además estás al tanto de qué se lleva, lograrás ponerla a la moda.

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  • Greens and pinks: the on-trend colours
    Greens and pinks: the on-trend colours

    This spring, home décor shop windows are overflowing with green and pink fabrics, upholstery and accessories in shades ranging from soothing, muted pastels to bolder, more striking colours, the perfect foil for whites and ecrus. Although this fashion won’t be a passing one, since these will continue to be the star colours during the coming 2019-2020 autumn-winter season.   At the recent Paris Deco OFF fair, Gancedo, always up-to-date with the latest trends in décor and interior design,...

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  • GancedoEvolution by IED
    GancedoEvolution by IED

    GANCEDO has joined forces with Madrid Design Festival with “GancedoEvolution by IED”: IED-Madrid students on Masters’ in Interior Design and Scenography and Exhibition Spaces have set up seven short-term installation projects at the fabric company’s store at Velázquez 21, Madrid. Quite definitely, an explosion of colour, creativity and a new way of thinking about fabrics.   Taking the evolution of Gancedo as a starting-point and inspiration, each one of these short-term installations...

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  • 5 decorating suggestions for the new year with the latest from Gancedo
    5 decorating suggestions for the new year with the latest from Gancedo

    Last November, we at Gancedo presented our latest products for the new season in the privileged setting of the Amboage Palace, current seat of the Italian Embassy in Madrid.   The event was opened by the ambassador, Stefano Sannino, who after introducing the Gancedo family and highlighting their 73 years of experience in supplying soft furnishings for interior design, unveiled two of the magnificent rooms on the ground floor to the media representatives: the dining room and the smoking...

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  • Trends in fabric design for spring-summer 2018 (2)
    Trends in fabric design for spring-summer 2018 (2)

    To continue with our review of this season’s stand-out trends in fabric design, let’s look at some of the new ideas presented at the Salone Mobile.Milano, which took place last April. There we not only noted the prevalence of colours like indigo blue, mustard yellow and coral, but also how influential lightweight weaves and ethnic patterns would be in spring-summer 2018. But that wasn’t all: tradition and craftsmanship are also in fashion.   [caption id="attachment_19417" align="alignnone"...

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  • Trends in fabric design spring-summer 2018  (1)
    Trends in fabric design spring-summer 2018 (1)

    Each season, fabric designers come up with new colours, weaves and motifs or prints to update and bring a breath of fresh air to each and every aspect of our home décor. With the arrival of the good weather, with the brightness and sunshine,  heavy dark-coloured wintry fabrics give way to light, filmy fabrics in  bright, joyful spring colours. Do you want to know which household fabrics will steal the show this spring-summer season? Don’t miss the latest trends in fabric design and enjoy...

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  • Ornamental trimmings in interior design
    Ornamental trimmings in interior design

    Whether we’re talking about piping, tassels, braided trimmings or fringing, the latest trend is to reclaim these types of adornment, associated with classic interior design, to update and add a touch of class and distinction to soft furnishings: from curtains, lampshades and cushions to trims for headboards and armchairs which will mesh with any type of decorating scheme.   One of the reasons for the growth of this trend is, undoubtedly, the interest in DIY and in adding a personal touch to...

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  • Trending: geometrical prints
    Trending: geometrical prints

    At Gancedo the new 2018 Spring/Summer Season has arrived proffering all the latest ideas for the most up-to-the-minute decor. Among these, the HappyTex by Gancedo New York, Pináculo and Lombok Collections and Geometric, featuring patterns along the same lines as one of the trends that is sweeping the board both in interior design and on the catwalk: geometrical patterns. Stripes, diamond shapes and zigzag motifs, in colour palettes which will work well together.   New York by Gancedo...

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  • Gancedo at Casa Decor 2018
    Gancedo at Casa Decor 2018

    Once again, Gancedo is in residence at Casa Décor. On this occasion, Guille García-Hoz, Beatriz Silveira, Mónica Garrido, the Once Lunas studio, and the undergraduates from ESNE, the University School of Design, have chosen our fabrics and wallpapers to create their zones.   Guille García-Hoz The interior designer Guille García-Hoz took on the task of designing part of the “Samsung Club” area: the zone including a laundry and the bar. The décor of this area is an homage to the Arts &...

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  • The Gancedo Contract Division: interior design and practicality
    The Gancedo Contract Division: interior design and practicality

    Increasing numbers of restaurants, hotels, businesses and offices are opting for carefully thought out interior design through which gives the customer a sense of the brand image the company wishes to convey. Currently, interior design is one of the cornerstones of many businesses in the world of hospitality and catering. If you are in any doubt about this, just think how often we decide on accommodation or a cafeteria based on the décor.   [caption id="attachment_17992" align="alignnone"...

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  • How to choose the perfect rug
    How to choose the perfect rug

    As well as embellishing and bringing warmth to their surroundings, rugs are essential extras which enhance the decor of any room. But it’s important to find a type which fits our tastes and the quirks of the room where we are going to put it. At Gancedo we want to help you to choose the perfect rug and for this reason, as well as presenting you with our mini-guide, we want to introduce you to our two latest collections: Dhurries and Geometric, the perfect solutions for up-to-date interior...

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