Is there anything more pleasant than staying at home, warm and comfortable, while it’s cold and rainy outside? Dressing up the house with winter fabrics is the best way of achieving the atmosphere that makes us think “How nice it is to be home!”. The thing is, when temperatures drop, there’s nothing cozier than being wrapped up in cocooning fabrics which protect us from the cold and help in creating a warm room.

Season after season, Gancedo helps you achieve the look you desire; in this case, wintery, with our own collections as well as collections from international firms, which are always up to date with the latest trends. I invite you to join me in a journey to discover how to achieve this sensation of warmth.


Tejidos para el invierno

Make no mistake: gray is in

When winter comes, we choose to replace lively colors with dark and neutral tones. One of the trends which continue from last season is the gray gamut, a sophisticated and contemporary tone that is timeless. If you are looking to achieve a trendy and serene atmosphere, combine fabrics in a gray scale with wood furniture finished in naked varnish.

Recently, English firm Ian Mankin presented Ashfield, their first collection of fabrics made out of wool. Made in their own Lancashire workshops, it has a color palette that is familiar to the firm, such as grays, navy blue or salvia green, and introduces a new color: burgundy.



Wool, winter’s prime fabric

Nothing better than smooth and snug woolen fabrics to prepare the room for the cold. Combining different patterns – in the same color gamut, of course -, in headboard, cushions and bedding is the proposal by Ian Mankin for winter 2017.

All of the designs from the Ashfield collection are reversible, which means each side of the fabrics can be used to create a different effect. They are fabrics apt for upholstery as well as curtains and accessories.


Velvet, this winter’s favorite

With the Artic collection, Gancedo hankers back to Utrech’s velvet artisan traditions, chiseled with an embossing technique which consists in printing with carefully engraved copper plates, leaving their mark on the fabric.



Designs are very elegant: shapes like the Hungarian knitting point, the spikes, wool braids or wickerwork imitation. All the velvets are woven with natural fibers -linen and cotton- in a single color, in gamuts that go from stone to mossy green to terracotta red.



Knitwear, another classic

Winter is the perfect time of the year for this fabric. Warm, nice, stylish… Knitwear, or tricot, is perfect to bring up the temperature in any room in the house in the cold months, with plenty of style. Gancedo’s Tricot collection is made with Trevira CS, a fire-retardant polyester – which can be used in hotels – similar to perlé. You’ll be able to find metallic colors, ice gray, anthracite black, mineral… ideal for giving any room a personal, warm touch.



Fur blankets to curl up in the sofa

With the cold weather well and truly here, movie nights on the sofa, curled up with a fur blanket are indeed the best plan. Fur blankets not only never go out of style, but they are also the perfect complement to warm up and give a homey feel to any room. In Gancedo Ready, our accessory collection, you’ll find this synthetic fur blanket, ideal to decorate both sofas and beds.





Turning the bedroom into a cozy and warm space

“How?”, I hear you asking. Play with fabrics. Find a good comforter and pair it with bedding in warm tones, make the bed look nicely dressed; cushions to help you feel more comfortable and a rug to add warmth. When it comes to curtains, the idea is to combine net curtains which allow the scarce rays of the sun to pass, and some darker and thicker drapes to add intimacy and temperature to the room at night. The Pure Morris collection by Morris has quality fabrics in neutral tones and delicate patterns which are perfect to recreate a state of well-being.


And here we end our small showcase of our textile collections which will help you bring a touch of warmth and homeyness to your house. We have many more choices! I invite you to drop by any of our stores to discover them.