With the holiday season in full swing, the best thing to do is to deck out the house, in and out: dressing up our favorite nooks and crannies to say goodbye to 2016 and greet the coming year. Velvets, feathers, sequins, metallic reflections… Any and all excuses are welcome to add a bit of elegance and sophistication to our home. What better reason than the holidays? This the time when we celebrate the most magical and special days of the year. Surround yourself with special fabrics that will help you reflect on your aspirations for the New Year, as well as textures and colors that inspire well-wishing and hope



Modern damasks and velvets


Gancedo’s Modern Palace collection includes sophisticated and fashionable damasks, for any design: from modern and contemporary interiors to classic styles. Made from rayon, cotton and polyester, it is suitable for curtains and upholstery.


The designs Cork and Terra are organic and natural forms inspired in tree bark, shining surfaces playing with light to create a luxurious atmospheres. Moon is a jacquard velvet from viscose with texture, with a design reminiscent of the lunar surfaces, with its irregular craters; this makes it so that you can only spot the velvet in certain areas of the fabric.




The designs have been created with faded textures to recapture the spirit of decades past. The mineral color palette goes from anthracite gray, navy blue and golden yellow, as well as turquoise and aquamarine.



Reflections in silver and gold

Do you dare to go gold? Decorative complements and textile details are a good way of incorporating gold without overloading the room; it is without a doubt a color that needs to be used prudently. When combining it with other colors, it is the norm to do so with warmer tones (nudes, beige, browns, chocolates), though as you can see here, a cool gamut (grays, blues) will also fit perfectly. Accompanying these lines is Alchemy, from Voyage.



Fabrics with sequins


This type of fabric is always associated with festivities, which is why it will become the perfect complement, not only for this holiday season, but also to add a little bit of sophistication to any room of the house we desire. They are also extremely fashionable! These cushions are also from the same collection by Voyage.





Dress up your house with shiny fabrics


Fabrics with a shiny finish will bring up any décor, even when used in small dosages, like in cushions, plaids or curtains. Silk and satin, with textures that are very smooth to the touch, are renowned for the beauty of its characteristic shine. In this bedroom, shiny fabrics are combined with gold reflections and sequins, but thanks to the chromatic unity, a sensory overload was avoided. It belongs to the Alchemy collection by Voyage.






Wallpapers with reflections and sparkles


We finish off with these two wallpaper designs by Light Cube: Milky Way and lighting, both from the Prism Age collection.


Ideal for modern and avant guarde décor, metallic wallpapers generate appealing optical illusions. Sparkles and contrast, reflections from a light that projects or disappear according to the viewing angle.


Here at Gancedo, we’ll be glad to help you achieve your décor ambitions for the New Year.


Happy 2017!