The cold winter and low temperatures invite us to dress up the house in warm and smooth fabrics. It is during times like this that velvet becomes the star upholstery; without a doubt, it is one of the strongest trends for the 2016-2017 Autumn-Winter season.


Velvet is a two-warp fabric, which confers a furry texture, smooth tactile depth and great comfort. Renowned fashion brands like Miu Miu, Roberto Cavalli and Prada have added many velvet garments and shoes this season. Wintery and very smooth, it adds a touch of elegance to our outfits, but also to any part of our home. At Gancedo, we have both proprietary collections as well as collections from prestigious international firms, using velvet upholstery in order to create an environment of luxury and well-being.



Plain or stamped velvets

While we normally associated them with classic-styled interiors, the new stamped velvets, or those in plain fashionable colors fit into any interior design. Above, the Velours Princess Sally upholstery, from the English firm Liberty.





Upholstery in capitonné

Velvet is a highly recommended fabric to upholster pieces which see a lot of use, such as sofas and chairs, as it is very resilient. It’s perfect for a uniform application as well as in capitonné, one of the most elegant techniques in existence, which also enhances its appeal. Accompanying this text, two of Sanderson’s offerings.



Accents in velvet

While you can certainly use it to upholster seats, velvet is also a perfect fabric for bed headboards, cushions and puffs, in colors matching the rest of the décor, and in curtains, to add a dose of elegance to any room. In our new collection Modern Palace, you’ll find Moon, a jacquard viscose velvet with a texture reminiscent of that of the lunar surface.



A classic that reinvents itself

Velvet adapts itself quite nicely to new trends, and there are not only an infinite number of patterns and colors, but also in novel textures. On the left, with a futuristic look, four samples from our Future, collection, composed of various metallic, stamped velvets that reproduce the look of iron sheets, rust, marble… they measure 1,40m in width and are fabrics oriented toward curtain and upholstery use.


On the right, samples from Soft London, also from Gancedo. It’s a collection of velvets in luxurious viscose, which contrasts with a linen-textured backdrop. Designs go from corals and ikats to hexagons and stripes.



Geometric lines and happy colors


Ciudadela, inspired in mudejar art, and Geovelvets, made up of geometric designs, are collections that include plain and versatile velvets which complement diamonds, hexagons, lattice motifs and pop patterns. Featured in the former is the Trellis velvet (in blue and gold), and in the latter, Rails, with a geometric design in vivid colors (mustard with greenish blue, mustard with burgundy and gray with blue), and Hexágono, a cushioned velvet in petrol blue and hexagonal patterns.





Fabrics with tradition

Besides modern and trendy velvets -plain, stamped, in risqué colors…- both ours and from international firms, at Gancedo we have fabrics with the complete essence of classic design. It’s Luigi Bevilacqua’s collection, a prestigious Italian firm with gorgeous and exclusive fabrics: designs reproduce, above all, typical thistle and pomegranate flowers, traditionally associated with the wrought velvet called “soprarizzo”, and ornamental motifs, in pure XIV and XV Century Venetian styles. Since its founding in the XVIII Century, they keep to the same techniques and magnificent textile quality, most of which are woven in natural silk with gold and silver threads.

True textile masterpieces that have walked the runways around the world, because firms like Dolce & Gabana use wrought Venetian velvet to make pants, vests, jackets and shoes.




To finish off, we’ll leave you with some images from our Bilbao and Barcelona stores, where we’ve used different velvets to upholster sofas and make cushions. As you can see, at Gancedo we have fantastic ideas to decorate your home with velvets. Get on board with this trend!