Just like with our homes, one of the things that need considering when facing the interior design of a hotel or a restaurant is the choice of fabrics and upholstery in each room: from the fabric of the curtains and the upholstery of the seats, to the wallpapers, accents like cushions and even the personnel’s wardrobe. Interior designers, always on top of new trends in color, textures and patterns, rely on big textile firms to create their drafts and color schemes; Gancedo, offering a wide variety of collections both its own and from prestigious international firms, is the North in the compass of many of them. Would you like to know which trendy restaurants are adorned with some of our collections? 



Decorated by Lázaro Rosa-Violán and located at Number 20, Jorge Juan Street in Madrid, Amazónico has become a season sensation. The Catalan designer has been able to achieve “an authentic trip through the Amazon” in a jungle-inspired fresh and cosmopolitan space. Playing with plain velvets in red and green tones, as well as some printed fabrics from Liberty, he combined them with details such as fringes in the chairs and lamps to create a colonial touch reminiscent of those small hotels along the Amazon in Peru, Brazil, Colombia…


Ten con Ten

At Ten con Ten restaurant, in Madrid (Ayala, 6), the famed studio Cousi Interiorismo has achieved a refined and cozy look, with warm lighting and a carefully crafted mix of styles. Designers Alba Hurlé and Alicia Martín combined velvets with pine wood, Tom Dixon-designed lamps as well as some salvaged and vintage objects, strategically placed to create elegance and warmth.


Quintín Ultramarinos

Cousi Interiorismo sign off once again on a design, this time for Quintín Ultramarinos (Jorge Juan, 17 at the corner of Lagasca), a restaurant located inside an old grocery store with an ambiance so warm that it makes you feel right at home. The space, distributed in two stories and allocated in three spaces -restaurant, bar and store-, has a simple yet current décor. Naked brick walls, wood counters, warm lighting, velvet chairs, tall tables, fabrics with discreet patterns by Robert Allen, wallpapers by William Morris… everything to create an old country feeling in the very heart of Madrid. Very cozy.


Sushita Café

In this local (Miguel Ángel, 11 at the corner of General Martínez Campos), Cousi Interiorismo has created cozy rooms, with an exotic and minimalist touch. Fabrics by Liberty and plain clothes from Gancedo with textures from the Primary Colours line have been used in the décor.


Boho Bar Madrid

Architect Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez and interior designer Almudena de Toledo are co-authors of Boho Bar, an eclectic space in the Madrid borough of Chueca (Colmenares, 13). With a cozy, colorful and natural design, in this restaurant with filtered ethnic overtones you can see a combination of natural fabrics with industrial furniture, colorful textiles, polished cement flooring, plants and trees to create boundaries between spaces, turquoise tiles and original decorative elements. Velvets from Gancedo’s Geovelvet collection, as well as some others by Sanderson and Robert Allen, have been used to craft the cushioning for the benches.


Colombia in Residence

Colombia in Residence is the name given to a gastronomic event in which four of the best Colombian chefs travel to Madrid to offer a gastronomic experience to all who wish (and are able) to indulge in it. The space, which is located within the NH Collection Eurobuilding Hotel, has been decorated by the García de Vinuesa studio with Gancedo fabrics.

With the showcasing of Colombian biodiversity through vegetation as the central theme, natural fabrics such as linen and cotton have been chosen, in with smooth, subtle tones that will not overpower the gastronomic enjoyment in the restaurant.




The chosen Port Lligat collection features fabrics which imitate esparto to upholster seats and the wall, while others with vegetation motifs such as seaweed, in lime, or the design Irina, which recreates the flowers from the mimosa plant, in yellow and green. The fabrics are patterns over linen and viscose texture, which have been used in cushions for chairs and benches.

In the aim of recreating a tropical rainforest, Gancedo also puts forward the use of wallpapers: Manila, a design of tropical leafs from the Voyage of Discovery collection by Sanderson (one of the international firms distributed exclusively by Gancedo) and the Insectarium collection, a playful pattern with stick insects in green.


La Rotisserie

La Rotisserie (Fernando El Santo, 25) is a bistro with avant-guarde touches in which interior design studio Las 2 Mercedes has been able to achieve a rustic, vintage feel that is very chic, with Parisian inspiration. Naked brick walls intertwine with fronts upholstered with patterned fabrics by Sanderson.


Flax & Kale, H&M Barcelona’s restaurant

The interior design of Flax & Kale, in the H&M store in Barcelona (Paseo de Gracia, 11), was created by interior design studio Francesc Pons, who chose natural materials such as steel and wood to create a tranquil and attractive space.

At Gancedo, we took care of creating the patterns for the fabrics and crafting the cushions. The designs are quite abstract, with themes such as flora and fauna on a backdrop of white and gray, black and green tones.


Fuerte Miramar Hotel, Amàre Club, in Marbella

At the Amáre Club Restaurant in the Hotel Fuerte Miramar in Marbella, interior designer Jordi Cruz chose to prioritize nature and water. Furniture with sober lines in light wood are combined with beige and blue fabrics (very Mediterranean) in a stage where the highlight is the spectacular ceiling with bands of fabric which emulate the subtlety and the undulating nature of the sea.


Thanks to our own mill the make up workshop, and the professional installers, Gancedo guarantees an excellent quality in all its works.

As experts in Contract, here at Gancedo we have a specialized team in each of the showrooms, offering a wide array of flame-retardant fabrics, complying with the current industry standards. We work with Trevira, the world’s biggest fabricator of fire-retardant polyester, having been distinguished as Silver Members for five years in a row.

With Gancedo, it is possible to create custom designs from beginning to end, adapting to different budgets with high quality, resistant and washable designs.