Each season, fabric designers come up with new colours, weaves and motifs or prints to update and bring a breath of fresh air to each and every aspect of our home décor. With the arrival of the good weather, with the brightness and sunshine,  heavy dark-coloured wintry fabrics give way to light, filmy fabrics in  bright, joyful spring colours. Do you want to know which household fabrics will steal the show this spring-summer season?

Don’t miss the latest trends in fabric design and enjoy rooms which are always right up-to-the-minute.


Colección Visillos VIII_Gancedo 2017

The ‘Vistas VIII’ voile collection by Gancedo

Lightweihgt fabric

With the heat, our windows need lightweight summery fabrics in more neutral or colourful shades. This is why we avoid dark colours which absorb the heat and opt for textures like linen or fine cotton. But as well as voiles and lightweight curtains, our house needs much finer tablecloths, bedspreads and sheets.


Visillos "Ortosa", de la colección "Vistas VIII", de Gancedo

‘Chicxulub’ fabric from the Happytex by Gancedo ‘Caribe’ Collection


Gancedo offers a wide range of sheer, soft, delicate voiles, with filmy finishes, which will lend elegance to the house at any time of year, but especially in summer. Amongst these are the samples from their latest collection, ‘Vistas VIII’, in natural fibres such as linen and cotton, and other flame retardant designs. All bearing mineral names and available in natural colours like ivory and beige but also in shades of blue, green, gold, pink and classic pure white. The collection also features a double voile in linen, ‘Ortosa’, which has contrasting colours on either side. Some of these are also suitable for making up napery and light summer bedspreads.


Tela Chicxulub, de la colección "Caribe" de Happytex by Gancedo

Tela “Chicxulub”, de la colección “Caribe” de Happytex by Gancedo

Indigo blue

Undoubtedly, one of this season’s colours is indigo blue, a shade inspired by the colour of the sea, relaxing and strong, subtle and sophisticated. It is perfect for lending a spark of life and joie de vivre to any room and goes well with other shades of blue, with greens and also with pinks, greys, golds, lilacs and whites.

The fashion for indigo blue has influenced many of the collections in both Gancedo’s catalogues and those of HappyTex by Gancedo. One of these collections is the Caribe Outdoor line, by HappyTex by Gancedo, woven in  100% polyolefin, a real riot of colour and nature. The many patterns include flowers and plants, precious stones, geometrical motifs, houndstooth, zebra skin, corals, butterflies, fish, cactus and even emoticons.


Butacas tapizadas con lino de la colección Tramuntana de Gancedo en amarillo mostaza

The ‘Tramuntana’ Collection by Gancedo.

Mustard yellow

Mustard yellow has become the colour of the moment. If you’re a bit wary of it, start off with little details (as you know, cushions and throws would be perfect allies), and when it comes to mixing and matching, experiment with accessories in shades of green for fresh, informal decorating schemes; in blues, if you want to produce rooms which are up-to-the-minute if a tad serious, or with whites, the ideal mixture, since yellow will add a touch of warmth as well as boosting the feeling of space and light. Above, armchairs upholstered in mustard yellow with fabric from the Tramuntana Collection by Gancedo.


Cojines lisos y estampados en amarillo mostaza

The ‘Pináculo’ Collection by Gancedo

Above these lines, you can see a small sample of the great variety of fabrics in these tones which you fill find at Gancedo: plain designs, with rather understated patterns, in linen and cotton, velvet, faux-leather…


Colección "New York", de Gancedo

‘Cotton Deco’ Collection by HappyTex by Gancedo


Another colour which is an absolute must-have for your home this spring-summer 2018 season is coral: a sweet, feminine shade which, although you may find it hard to believe, goes well with every colour: from white, beige and grey to green, blue and yellow, not to mention, black, brown and wood tones. Will you give it a go?


Above, an armchair upholstered in the ‘HT Roof’ design from the HappyTex by Gancedo Cotton Deco Collection: geometrical patterns for upholstery as well as making up curtains. The fabrics in this line are produced using a cotton, linen and viscose weave. They are long-lasting, practical and highly resistant to wear and tear.


Colección "New York" de Gancedo

The ‘New York’ Collection by Gancedo


Colección "New York" de Gancedo

The ‘New York’ Collection by Gancedo


The New York Collection by Gancedo: contract fabrics which, following the latest trends, opt for geometrical patterns for upholstery as well as for making up curtains. This line of fabrics comes in a linen-effect flame-retardant weave. They are long-lasting and practical, in a dye which does not fade with exposure to sunlight. The fabrics in the New York Collection are also available in double widths, perfect for drapes.


Warm and vibrant, the colour coral appears in many of Gancedo’s collections: plain and patterned fabrics which will make it easy for you to add a stylish touch to any room in your house.


Above these lines, an up-to-the-minute modern sitting room decorated in fabrics from Gancedo’s New York Collection. These two pictures are a perfect example of how well coral combines with other bright, intense, luminous shades, producing fresh, luminous rooms.


Telas y tapicerías de la firma Vervain, del grupo Fabricut.

Fabrics and upholstery from the Vervain label, by the Fabricut group.

Ethnic weaves

This spring-summer you will find it easy to add a dash of exoticism to your home decor with fabrics inspired by the colours and patterns of ethnic style: fabrics which recall distant lands and which can easily be used to make up anything from cushions to curtains or with which you can give a new look to an heirloom armchair – why not?

Above, fabrics and upholstery by the Vervain label from the Fabricut group: sophisticated, elegant linen weaves in shades of ochre, red and black on a beige background. The curtains were made up in the ‘Valeno Warp’ print and the seat pad, a jacquard, is in ‘Kumpulan Cinnamon’.

Colección Ethnic de Gancedo

The Ethnic Collection by Gancedo

Following this tendency, Gancedo suggests recapturing the spirit of far-flung lands, traditions and distant worlds with its Ethnic Collection: fabrics in natural fibres such as cotton, linen, jute and wool with the characteristic patterns of ethnic style (herringbone, geometrical in jute, ikats in wool, stripes, jacquards with a leather strip interwoven into the cloth…). The fabrics of this collection are available in neutral shades like sand, beige, taupe and grey or warmer ones such as reds and yellows.


This has been a first review of this season’s trends in fabric design. We’ll be back soon with more.