To continue with our review of this season’s stand-out trends in fabric design, let’s look at some of the new ideas presented at the Salone Mobile.Milano, which took place last April. There we not only noted the prevalence of colours like indigo blue, mustard yellow and coral, but also how influential lightweight weaves and ethnic patterns would be in spring-summer 2018. But that wasn’t all: tradition and craftsmanship are also in fashion.


Alfombras "Dhurries", de Gancedo

‘Dhurrie’ rugs by Gancedo

Opting for craftmanship

Gancedo’s contribution to recent trends which prize craftsmanship is evident in our ‘Dhurrie’ rugs, all of which are handwoven. Great care has been taken with the painstakingly perfect knotting of these rugs, as well as in the selection of dyes, all of which guarantees exceptional quality. Woven in pure new wool, in geometrical patterns, their trademark ecru background (the warp) is interwoven with bolder colours (blue, black, mustard) than is traditionally the case, putting a strongly contemporary spin on the design.



Alfombras "Dhurries", de Gancedo

‘Dhurrie’rugs by Gancedo

Rugs like these, from the ‘Dhurrie’ Collection by Gancedo are ideal for adding a dash of warmth and colour to your decor. Plus, thanks to their design, they will become the focal point without clashing visually with the other fabrics in the room.


Colección "Ethnic", de Gancedo

‘Ethnic’ Collection by Gancedo

Patchwork style

Patchwork is traditional needlecraft which consists of joining together different pieces of fabric, in the most varied textures and colours. This style, whether made up of actual fragments of cloth or simply using a patchwork-effect pattern, undoubtedly revisits the Arts&Crafts Movement, which upheld the importance of craftsmanship and the utmost quality in every last detail.


Telas de la colección "Ethnic", de Gancedo

Fabrics from the ‘Ethnic’ Collection by Gancedo.

As well as being sole agents for the signature fabrics and wallpaper of the 19th century Victorian artist William Morris (the main exponent of the Arts & Crafts movement), Gancedo offers patchwork-effect patterns: like the ‘Kalahari’ and ‘Kum’ samples from the ‘Ethnic’ Collection in shades of mustard yellow, blue, red and taupe.


Telas bordadas en Gancedo

‘Bilberry’ fabric from ‘The Potting Room’ Collection by Sanderson, at Gancedo


Telas con bordados en Gancedo

‘Artichoke’ fabric by Morris&Co., at Gancedo


Embroidered Fabrics

Is there anything more redolent of craftsmanship and tradition than embroidery? Whatever the reason may be, embroidery is in fashion. For several seasons now we’ve seen it both on our outfits and on household fabrics and upholstery. It has made a comeback and it looks as though it’s going to be with us for the duration: a glance backwards with a new look.


Gancedo offers a wide variety of fabrics decorated with embroidery. Amongst them, those we can see above these lines, with floral and plant motifs: ‘Bilberry’ fabric from ‘ The Potting Room’ Collection by Sanderson and ‘Artichoke’ fabric by Morris&Co.


Colección "Tramuntana", de Gancedo

‘Tramuntana’ Collection by Gancedo

Natural Fabrics

And, as you would expect, in a season in which tradition is king, the star fabrics are, of course, the natural ones: linens and cotton and silk velvets always strike the right note helping to create healthy, natural environments.


As befits this trend, Gancedo offers us its pure linen ‘Tramuntana’ Collection, which features a plain, stone-washed linen called ‘Tramuntana’, available in 10 different colours, and two jacquards, ‘Garbi’ a paisley pattern (above these lines) and ‘Xaloc’ a willow-branch pattern.


Colección "Nature" de HappyTex by Gancedo

‘Nature’ Collection from HappyTex by Gancedo.

HappyTex by Gancedo features ‘Nature’, a collection of pure cotton fabrics inspired by features of nature.

As you can see, Gancedo is always right on trend with a wide and varied range of designs to provide your house with that cutting edge.