At Gancedo the new 2018 Spring/Summer Season has arrived proffering all the latest ideas for the most up-to-the-minute decor. Among these, the HappyTex by Gancedo New York, Pináculo and Lombok Collections and Geometric, featuring patterns along the same lines as one of the trends that is sweeping the board both in interior design and on the catwalk: geometrical patterns. Stripes, diamond shapes and zigzag motifs, in colour palettes which will work well together.


New York by Gancedo

Diamonds, squares, triangles and other geometrical shapes, in contrasting black on white, will help you add an attractive dash of urban chic to both your home and your outfits. Above, at the Balmain Paris show, a Butterfly chair upholstered in one of the prints from the New York Collection by Gancedo, inspired by The Big Apple. This is Chrysler, available in seven different colours: orange, fuchsia, pistachio, purple, petrol blue and navy blue.


As these two pictures show, geometrical prints are an ideal way to imbue a room with personality. Warm colours in vivid tones combined with neutral shades and light woods are the perfect way to create a fresh, bright décor. Above, a sofa in an ochre shade is brought to life with several plain cushions alongside a contrasting one in a green pattern, from the New York Collection by Gancedo.

And what do you think of the idea of decorating a wall with a combination of diamond shapes and triangles in different colours?


Lombok, from HappyTEX by Gancedo

This season striped fabrics have been given a new lease of life with bold, vibrant colours: striped patterns, whether vertical or horizontal, are the new must-haves.

Taking its inspiration from the Indonesian island, Lombok comprises 100% pure cotton fabrics with very up-to-the-minute jeans-style finishes. The collection consists of a pattern of subtly blended stripes in a vintage tone, in fashionable colours such as sea green, purple, mustard, camel, beige and grey.

Bid farewell to dull and dreary looks and opt for stripes combined with plain fabrics in contrasting shades to create an original, ground-breaking décor. If you have a striped sofa, mix similarly-patterned cushions with a few plain ones to prevent visual overload.



The Lombok Collection, in a width of 1.40 m, is perfect both for upholstery and curtains.

Turn stripes into the focus of your decor with an armchair upholstered to match the drapes, in shades bestowing elegance and sophistication. There’s no doubt at all that pinks and browns can be relied upon to create very delicate, feminine looks, whether we’re talking about décor or outfits.


Pináculo, by Gancedo

Gancedo is also introducing the Pináculo Collection, an embossed viscose velvet on a linen background, with a pattern based on triangles. A textured fabric, inspired by kaleidoscope mosaics – so typical of the Emilio Pucci and Missoni fashion brands, on the right – with combinations in fashionable colours: mustard yellow and brown, mauve and beige, and sea green and grey.


If you enjoy mixing patterns, do it boldly, but try not to use more than three or four different colours and always include plain fabrics. It’s best not to combine similarly-sized prints but rather to mix large patterns on the walls, curtains and carpets with medium or small ones on sofas, armchairs, cushions and accessories.


 Geometric rugs by Gancedo Ready

As well as adorning rooms and making them more comfortable, rugs strike an extremely important decorative note. For this reason, when opting for a design, it’s very important to bear in mind the aesthetics of the room we’re going to put them in.


The rugs from the new Geometric Collection by Gancedo Ready not only follow the trend for geometrical patterns, but also the mixture of textures in a single piece. With geometrical patterns in shades of blue, beige and grey on an ecru background, they are available in two different sizes: 1.60 m x 2.30 m and 2 m  x 3 m.


Have you enjoyed this first peek at Gancedo and HappyTEX by Gancedo’s latest ideas? Collections in a wide variety of patterns and colours which will match any style of decorating scheme.