If you want your house to look always up to date, knowing the color trends that will define 2017 as a year is a must. Which colors will reign supreme this season? At Gancedo, we have the inside knowledge; we know that in the world of décor, much like in the world of fashion, trends not only show us the way, but also help us make any room of the house look fantastic. Take a look at the colors that will define your house this season.



Green: fresh and cozy

Greenery green is the color for 2017 according to Pantone. It’s a tone based on botanical elements, which evokes the green of herb and trees with a slight yellow tint. A green which we can imagine being part of a tropical island. Some of the designs you’ll find in our store that are made with this intense and vital color are the Manila fabrics, from Sanderson’s Voyage of Discovery collection, and Patina Green, from Gancedo’s Port Lligat collection.

You see, the color trends this year are chromatic ranges that enhance our contact with nature.




Yellow: luminous and attractive

Mustard, ore, gold, copper… it’s one of the tones that we’ll see most in stores. It’s a yellow which captures the desert sand, light and gloss and matte finishes. Accompanying these lines are two samples from our Ethnic collection, cotton, linen, jute or wool fabrics in worm and neutral tones. Kalahari and Lofoten designs in mustard color.



This color will add a touch of vitality to the décor, as well as enhancing the warmth and luminosity in the space. A very effective way of creating modern rooms is to add mustard details in neutral décors, such as black + white or gray. Above Cork Gold and Modern Damask from the Modern Palace collection.



Reds: lively colors for décors with character

This season is very much red-infused, specially the following three shades: Aurora Red (Pantone 18-1550), a warm and daring choice; Dusty Ceddar (Pantone 18-1630), a more delicate proposal, it represents the Autumn version of the rose shades we’re used to seeing in Spring; and Potter’s Clay (Pantone 18-1340), a very intense orange with red undertones that is both vibrant and elegant. Above, two designs: Toba, Turkistan wool ikat, and Lofoten, plain, that are also part of the Ethnic collection, inspired in the spirit of faraway cultures.



Whichever shade you choose, remember that red is a color with a strong personality that stands out on its own. Mixing it with the two previous ones, it sets a colorful and happy trend. It also matches perfectly with ores and golden tones, turquoises and blues. Accompanying these lines, Portobello Coral and Wimbledon Coral, from Gancedo’s Soft London collection.




Hazelnut: a neutral tone, smooth and very natural

Toasted tones, sand, cream and browns are perfect for creating cozy and warm rooms. There’s no doubt that they’ll provide any décor with a naturalist touch, as well as achieving a very enveloping, special atmosphere. Combine it with brushes of other, darker colors such as black, navy blue, chocolate brown, etc. At Gancedo, we’ve just launched the Artic collection, which includes embossed velvets woven with natural fibers – linen and cotton – in a single tone and color gamuts that go from stone or mossy green to reddish to warm hazelnuts. Above this lines, Iceberg Brown (Punto Hungría embossed velvet) and Artic Brown (Plain linen velvet).



Nature is the name of another of our latest collections: cotton fabrics which will stand out due to their wonderful textures that enrich the fabric and give it much personality. The color palette is tightly related to the earth and the tones of the forest: wooden and vegetable tones for the beiges and browns, silver stones and oriental blue. Above this lines, Fossil and Forest designs, in sand color.



Blue: sophisticated and elegant

To finish up, blue in any of its shades; however, lapis lazuli is one of the main protagonists from this season’s top chromatic palette. It mixes well with roses, grays, golds, turquoises, mallows… but none better than white to enhance it, make it pop and create a sensation of grandeur. Gancedo’s Modern Palace collection includes designs as spectacular as those that accompany these lines. It’s also available in gray, yellow, turquoise and aquamarine tones.


Fabrics and upholstery, as well as defining the style of the décor, have the power to renovate a room: just changing the curtains or the upholstery on the sofa we’ll achieve a completely new look. That’s why with just some fabrics in trendy colors your décor will get right up to date.