Fabrics and upholstery have a huge decorative potential. Besides setting up the style of a room, they are perfect elements to renovate, or give a fresh look to, any space: cushions, curtains and bedding will easily transform any living area. The same versatility displayed when dressing interiors are also echoed when it comes to upholstering furniture. A good sofa longing for a second chance, a faded and old-fashioned armchair… textile collections are, without a doubt, of great help when we try to integrate these pieces into contemporary décor. Nowadays, trends are not only much more established, but also change much more frequently than in previous years.


At Gancedo we have upholstery that is ideal for modernizing classic seats, be they ours or from one of the many international firms that we exclusively distribute.


Tapicerías para renovar asientos clásicos. Colección Ciudadela de Gancedo

Fashionable prints and colors

A perfect example of how an upholstery can give classic sofas their splendor back. In this case, it’s Babilonia fabric in burgundy, from our Ciudadela collection.


Tapicerías para renovar asientos clásicos. Colección Tramuntana de Gancedo

Upholsteries in neutral tones

Our Tramuntana upholstery is an ideal option for those times when we want to update an armchair without risking much. Neutral colors, be they in light or dark shades, are easy to mix and match and fit into any interior design. They are, without a doubt, a timeless solution.


Tapicerías para renovar asientos clásicos. Colección Chicago de Gancedo

Geometric prints

Chicago is the name of another of our collections. It is a simple geometric design with a golden “Filadice” backdrop. The texture of the fabric is very sensual and the color palette is smooth and impeccable. To combine this pattern you have two design choices: a thousand-stripes weave and an exquisitely finished plain fabric.


Tapicerías para renovar asientos clásicos. Robert Allen


Tapicerías para renovar asientos clásicos. Sanderson

Combining plain upholstery and print

The current trend of playing with plain and patterned upholstery in the same color gamut adds a little extra design punch to any seat. American firm Robert Allen, in their latest collection Drenched Color, propose alternating an intense blue velvet with a delicate cachemir print of the same color but with a white backdrop. The Home Maida collection, from English firm Sanderson, includes plain, flora, and stripe designs perfect for mixing and matching.


Tapicerías para renovar asientos clásicos. Ian Mankin


Tapicerías para renovar asientos clásicos. Ian Mankin

Tailor-style upholstery

To bring classic designs up to date, choose upholstery with textures and prints similar to those used for suits by tailors, such as tang, houdstooth or pinstripes. These two images belong to the catalog for Ian Mankin’s latest collection, Ashfield, which comprises wool upholstery.


Tapicerías para renovar asientos clásicos. Robert Allen

Delicate floral patterns

We finish up with two designs from the Enchanting Color collection, by Robert Allen. Take into consideration that floral stamps are always the focal point of the décor, and as such, if we don’t necessarily want them to set up the space too much, or to become tiresome with the passage of time, it’s preferable to choose fabrics with discreet prints, reserved motifs and in light colors.


These are just some of the options we offer at Gancedo to renew and refresh old seating. You’ll find many more at our stores.