Accessories and little details play a fundamental part when we want to add that personal touch to our home decor. They enrich, embellish and contribute to personalizing any space. A throw or some well-chosen cushions are enough to turn our sitting room or bedroom into a special spot with its own personality.


At Gancedo, as well as advising you on the choice of the most suitable fabrics to complement the décor of your home, we want to make the job easier for you with ready-made accessories. This product line, which we call “Gancedo Ready”, has recently added some items in fabrics from the Gancedo Ethnic and HappyTEX Cotton Deco Collections which you can see below.


Nueva colección de accesorios de Gancedo Ready

Throus and cushions in the etnic prints

This sitting room charms us with the rustic chic feel of its decor, but it would be even better with a dash of colour in attractive ethnic prints. With some throws made up in fabrics from the Gancedo Ethnic Collection, in red, blue, black and brown, the environment would be visually enriched. In addition to dainty rectangular, square and triangular-shaped throws, we also feature large cushions which are every bit as inviting and elegant.

Nueva colección de accesorios de Gancedo Ready

Striped and textured cushions

The new Gancedo Ready Accessories Collection includes cushions in striped patterns and attractive textures for a contemporary feel. In settings in which neutral tones and wooden furniture provide the dominant note, a dash of fabric in shades of beige, ochre and écru, such as the “Galapagos” fabrics from the Gancedo Ethnic Collection (below) would provide the perfect finishing touch.


In the same setting, some large striped cushions (above) in shades of chocolate, red, green, petrol blue and beige, would break the monotony of the neutral tones adding a touch of energy. They are available in “Raya Terrace” fabrics from the HappyTEX Cotton Deco Collection.


Nueva colección de accesorios de Gancedo Ready

Elegant, understated desing

The “Inle” throws, created from the Gancedo Ethnic Collection, with stripes in blue, red, brown and black on a beige background, would increase the warmth, restraint and elegance which this sitting room projects. Without any doubt, extremely attractive patterns. Measuring 160 x 180 cm, the same fabric has been used to create 50 x 50 cm cushions.


Nueva colección de accesorios de Gancedo Ready

A dash of colour

The “Kalahari” and “Palawan” cushions will help you give your décor a unique feel, especially in predominantly white areas such as the bedroom seen here. If you’re looking for throws or cushions for your bedroom, try to choose them in hues which will match the other fabrics in the rooms to achieve a unifying effect.

The quality and finish of all of these accessories is superlative, the throws edged with yarn in blanket stitch. The large cushions with a duck down filling. Both look invitingly soft and are pleasant to the touch.

And everything comes ready-made!