Although there’s no doubt that voiles are our best bet if we want to give a room a facelift, when autumn arrives and the nights begin to draw in, darkness falls earlier and we need to make use of anything which will help us make the most of the light available. This is why using some pretty voiles teamed with other drapes is the best way to ensure that indoor areas are warm, cosy and bright. And if you’re not convinced, don’t you have some lightweight, see-through fabrics amongst your autumn-winter wear?


Voiles alone or with a partner

We have just introduced our new HappyTex voile collection, “Vistas II”, a line of fabrics with a fine, delicate finish, in white and écru tones, just perfect for a fresh, natural décor. Any of the patterns in this Collection would be enough in itself to furbish a large window, but now that autumn is upon us, it wouldn’t be overdoing it to add some drapes in a contrasting shade.

Think of your winter outfits: wouldn’t you mix and match a chiffon dress with some slightly heavier fabrics? This is what Ralph Lauren suggests in his 2017 autumn-winter collection.



Patterned voiles offer an alternative to classic curtains filtering the light without robbing rooms of their brightness. In “Vistas II” you will find prints inspired by nature, floral motifs in shades of tan, green and blue, ideal for modern living. As you can see in these pictures, flowers and branches do not only go with traditional décor (or outfits); rather, this type of print has been brought up-to-date with new patterns and colours. The dress which appears next to our voiles is by Charo Azcona.


Fine textures

If lightweight, see-through garments predominate among dark or heavy fabrics in your wardrobe, it goes without saying that when it comes to decorating your house you will have the same tastes. The “Vistas II” voiles come in a linen-polyester mix with a linen-like texture, soft and very pleasant. They are available in 3-metre widths with weighted hems. Here’s a useful tip: when the voile is very light, it’s a good idea to turn a deep double hem at the bottom to lend more weight to the fabric. In this case, the dress is by Zara. 


Revealing see-throughs

Another feature of the voiles that make up the “Vistas II” Collection are the delicate lines, in the form of waves, stripes and geometric patterns, which stand out on the fabric, allowing the light to shine through without totally shutting out the view. Perhaps you’ve decided to make see-throughs one of your bare essentials this autumn-winter. Understated, ethereal, revealing…On the runway, one of the designs from the Reem Acra 2017 Bridal Collection.

Convinced? Voiles are a core element with can enhance and lend warmth to any room, whether alone or in good company. Prices range from 21.25 (plain) to 50.09 (patterned).