José Gancedo Otero, fundador de Gancedo

José Gancedo Otero, Gancedo’s founder

Fachada Gancedo Barcelona

The first shop of Gancedo, in Barcelona

In 1945, José Gancedo and his brother Bernardo – taking advantage of their experience in the textile industry – founded in Barcelona a store dedicated to decorative fabrics: Gancedo was born. In a post-war society, where the lack of resources was a daily reality, Gancedo was able to produce and import quality fabrics with designs at the forefront of fashion.

The rapid growth of the business pushed Pepe Gancedo – son of the founder and textile engineer – to move to Madrid in 1950 to open a second store on Recoletos Street. It was during this second generation that the company went national and became the premier business of the day. A fabric design studio was created in 1969, and from that moment on, Gancedo became a textile editor, creating original collections for each season.

Pepe Gancedo, segunda generación

Pepe Gancedo, second generation

Tienda de Gancedo en Madrid

Gancedo Madrid building

Second generation

Pepe Gancedo established relationships with the main artists of the era (Álvaro Delgado, Modest Cuixart, Forges, Gerardo Rueda, Gustavo Torner, Aurelia Muñoz, etc.) and avant-garde decorators (Manolo Muntañola, Jordi Vilanova, Pierre Lottier, Duarte Pinto Coelho, Biosca, Rafael Leoz, etc.). This meant that the firm was regularly host to the most illustrious clients of the day.

Pepe Gancedo con Forges

Pepe Gancedo with Forges, spanish humorist

TG: Decorative Arts Magazine was first printed in 1968 every three months; it was the first Spanish publication dedicated to the world of decoration. The magazine was a showcase for the latest designs and trends of the moments, and featured collaborations by artists, antiquarians and decorators. It remained in print for over 20 years.

Actual generación al frente de Gancedo

Current generation of Gancedo

Third generation

Pepe Gancedo passed away in 1993, pray to a grave illness. It was during this period that the third generation – five of the six siblings – started to slowly join the family business:


Emmeline Gancedo, Bachelor’s Degree from ESADE, Product Director.

Beatriz Gancedo, Tourism Activities Tecnician, Marketing Director.

José Gancedo, Textile Engineer, Purchasing Director.

Nati Gancedo, Interiorist, Commercial Director.

Manuel Gancedo, Bachelor’s in Economics and PMD from ESADE, General Manager of Gancedo.


The five siblings face, with illusion, the challenge of pushing the company forward, modernizing it and making it known worldwide through its extensive network of distributors.