Triangles, diamonds, curves, parallel and perpendicular lines are the patterns that win this season out. We’ve seen them on the runway at the world’s topmost fashion capitals: New York, London, Milan and Paris. It was clear that, sooner or later, they’d make the jump to home fabrics and upholstery.


Curtains, cushions and upholstery decorated with geometric shapes not only fit right into modern, minimalist and even Northern interior styles, they are also ideal to create warm and cozy rooms. They adorn and give personality to a room. All you need to take into consideration is how to combine them with other options in order to avoid an overpowering effect.



Mix colors and textures

With the combination of colors, textures and patterns, you can achieve visually rich décor. Try combining up to three different designs in order to create visual harmony and don’t use them only on cushions and rugs, but also lamps or curtains. A safe bet is to add plain fabrics in a tone that harmonizes with the colors.


In Gancedo Ready, our line of ready-made accessories, you’ll find everything from pillows and plaids to rugs y bags with imaginative, abstract and geometric patterns in cotton, linen, wool or silk.




Don’t be afraid of using different geometric designs: choose two or three harmonizing colors and use different fabrics in upholstery, rugs, blankets and cushions. You’ll create rooms with character and personality.


Our Soft London collection has hexagonal designs (Paddington) and striped designs (Wimbledon) available in five color gamuts, that go from subtle combinations of neutral tones to vibrant contrasting colors. The coral upholstery is named Portobello and belongs to this same collection.



A maximum of three different sizes

The ideal way to achieve a modern and dynamic décor is to play with designs varying in size: the biggest one will be the main (the one that will reign over the others) and the other two, smaller in size, will be left for details and complementary items such as cushions.


En este ambiente se han combinado diferentes diseños de nuestra colección Sakura: la tapicería Yoshino Azul y Batons Azul, un dibujo muy discreto que se repite en el cojín y la greca de las cortinas.

In this room we’ve combined different designs from our Sakura collection: the Yoshino Azul upholstery, and Batons Azul, a very discreet drawing which is repeated in the cushion and the border of the curtains.



Combining colors in the upholstery

Why not recover an old chair and upholster it with fabrics in different designs and colors? Upholstery mixing is another trend this autumn. The key to achieving a very decorative piece is combining drawings or motifs of different sizes and harmonic tones. This Chair combines the Yoshino Azul fabric in the sea and the Batons Rojo fabric in the backrest. Both are from our Sakura collection.

Sakura offers flame-retardant fabrics in fibers that mimic linen in fashionable colors: petroleum blue, black, turquoise green, coral, taupe and nude, all of the on a beige background. They are inspired by nature and traditional Japanese garments.



Adding plain fabrics


is, without doubt, our most geometrical collection. With diamonds, hexagons, pop patterns and lattice motifs, they are perfect fabrics for both upholstering seats and headboards, as well as making curtains and cushions. The collection includes plain, versatile velvets that complement the geometric designs.


In this occasion the chairs have been upholstered with Rails Verde and Hexágono Azul, the plain fabric.



Combine upholstery with plain cushions

Though the norm is to start with a plain fabric for the sofa and combine it with patterns on the cushions, when the biggest element offers vivid colors and imposing and repeating geometric patterns, plain cushions will help neutralize it.


The Rails upholstery on the sofa and Hexágono Azul, Bamboo Velvet Oro, Trellis Azul and Patina Beige for the cushions.



Seek balance

A chair with a geometric print will also be perfect for enlivening a décor made with curtains and cushions in clear, plain tones. In this case, the Gisbirn Dark Navy upholstery from the Ashfield collection by Ian Mankin, has been combined with a pair of cushions in the same tone: one is plain and the other has a design with thin lines knitted in wool.



Alternate geometric designs with other prints

A way of combining different designs in an elegant way is to choose just one color, which will allow us to subtly mix, without being too extravagant. In this instance, even though the big geometric designs from the Fabricut upholstery contrast with the flower pattern in the cushion, the result is balanced.



Choosing two exuberant designs can have an overwhelming result, which is why bigger prints work better if they are combined with a less dominant pattern.

This sofa combines the Zagora, upholstery, a gorgeous zigzag design inspired in oriental kilims, with a plain cushion and another, knitted one. The latter has been made with Anthos, the same fabric that adorns the wall. Both models are from the Sojourn Weaves, collection by Sanderson.




Study the décor’s colors

How to choose the perfect rug? On top of adding warmth and color, it will determine the aesthetics of the room. That’s why it’s important to choose its color and the design well. In neutral décors, where whites, off-whites, grays and light woods dominate the décor, a rug with geometric shapes will add a sophisticated and modern touch to the room.


In rooms with dark wooden floors, a rug in beige or sort colors will add light. If, however, the floor is light, a more colorful rug will add an attractive contrast.


Above, the Juanola rug by Gancedo





Striped, zigzag, geometric or labyrinthine-designed rugs will be focal points in monochromatic or sober rooms that need a special touch in the décor.

When you wish to create serene and harmonious rooms, it’s best to choose a rug with the same tones as the rest of the décor. If, however, you would like a modern and avant-garde, you’ll want to risk contrast and visual richness by choosing a rug that contrasts from the rest of the fabrics.

Complementing these lines, our  Laberinto and Geométrico models.

Combined with plain colors or other patterned prints, they are the perfect option for the décor of any room. At Gancedo you’ll find a wide variety of fabrics, upholstery, cushions and rugs that will usher you into this trend. Let your imagination fly, and let us help you create unique rooms.