The Gancedo philosophy encompasses inspiring, appreciating work well done and an unflagging interest in innovative design and the development of new formulas which will bring them even closer every day to meeting the high expectations of their users. With the primary goal of making them feel at ease in all the spaces of their lives, offering them comfort, serenity and safety, Gancedo has taken a step forward, by creating Gancedo Bio Block.

Colección Kimono FR de Gancedo

The Kimono FR collection, launched recently, belongs to the new Gancedo Bio Block generation: flame retardant fabrics with permanent protection, thanks to a treatment with biocidal products which inhibit the growth of viruses, bacteria and microorganisms.

Gancedo Bio Block

As an outcome of a research project, Gancedo has obtained new fabrics with antibacterial properties, with virocidal activity to inactivate SARS-CoV-2.

Fabrics which protect against Covid-19 and other pathogens

GANCEDO BIO BLOCK. Xtreme Antiviral Action is a treatment which provides fabrics with a permanent layer of protection and preventive capacity against enveloped viruses such as the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, the cause of the COVID-19 disease and pandemia, also affording protection against a broad range of microorganisms, bacteria and fungus.

Bio Block has been awarded ISO 18184:2019 certification: Determination of antiviral activity in textile products. It has shown a viral reduction rate of over 98% against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (CoVid-19), in a two-hour timeframe before and after consecutive washes.

Colección New York, de Gancedo

Specially designed for the contract sector, New York is a collection of geometrical designs, manufactured in a flame retardant faux linen effect yarn. It also has BioBlock treatment.

Much more than fabrics

These innovative special anti SARS-CoV2 coronavirus fabrics constitute a key barrier in containing the virus in sectors with an extremely high footfall, such as hotels, restaurants, bars, cafeterias, airports, hospitals, residences and street furniture. Moreover, they are flame retardant and sustainable. Other features of the Gancedo Bio Block line include:

  • Preserving freshness and eliminating the emergence of unpleasant odours.
  • Prolonging the useful life of the materials, preventing wear-and-tear and fading.
  • Not harming skin and withstanding repeated laundering.
  • Correctly applied, not migrating on contact, or having any negative effect on surrounding areas.
  • Safe touch: Its biocidal capacity does not affect or damage surfaces on contact, including human skin flora.
  • Long-lasting protection: the absence of migration allows its protection to withstand frequent laundering.

It is environmentally friendly.

  • Biodegradable and sustainable.
  • Free of heavy metals and dangerous chemical substances.
Colección Gran Cañón de Gancedo

The Gran Cañón collection is woven on jacquard looms, with a polyester weft and linen/viscose warps, lending a sophisticated touch to the fabric. It is available in six colours.

Commitment to innovation

La firma Gancedo es pionera en el lanzamiento de tejidos ignífugos enriquecidos con un tratamiento antimicrobiano.

The first Gancedo Bio Block fabrics are already on sale in the following collections: Kimono FR, New York, Gran Cañón, Los Andes FR and Sakura. From now on, Gancedo will apply this treatment both to their new collections as well as to new runs of some of their best sellers.

Bio Block technology provides yet another reason to continue to place your trust in Gancedo.