Once again, Gancedo is in residence at Casa Décor. On this occasion, Guille García-Hoz, Beatriz Silveira, Mónica Garrido, the Once Lunas studio, and the undergraduates from ESNE, the University School of Design, have chosen our fabrics and wallpapers to create their zones.


Guille García-Hoz

The interior designer Guille García-Hoz took on the task of designing part of the “Samsung Club” area: the zone including a laundry and the bar. The décor of this area is an homage to the Arts & Crafts movement and to William Morris, one of its principal exponents.


Guille has brought together two of Morris’s iconic designs: on the walls, The Brook, a print featuring the rich and beautiful details characteristic of mediaeval tapestries, with  Acanthus wallpaper on the ceiling. The latter, created in 1874, as well as being one of his most recognizable designs, was the first in a series of grand-scale wallpapers. The spiraling foliage of the acanthus leaves produces a three-dimensional effect.

In addition to these wallpapers, in this zone we find fabrics, such as the Verdura pattern from the Giardinetto collection, with floral motifs; the tartan of the armchairs – a checked fabric in reddish and mustard tones – and the Lofoten fabric, from our Ethnic Collection, in mustard, endowing the area with a colourful, timeless feel.


Beatriz Silveira

The “Samsung Club” restaurant, designed by Beatriz Silveira, consists of two salons in different styles. For the private room, Beatriz has opted for a tasteful, sophisticated look, while the other exudes exoticism with a Mexican vibe. 



This is an elegant, pristine white room, in which the decorator experimented with Gancedo fabrics in different textures to produce an overall effect with a rich visual impact. Amongst these, special mention must be made of the spectacular fabric chosen by Beatriz to clothe the walls: a white linen embroidered in blue, of exquisite quality, with an ethnic pattern in vertical stripes helping enhance the feeling of height.


As for the pieces of furniture, we find cane armchairs with floral print seat cushions, and benches upholstered in a dark ochre velvet, providing a contrast with the black chairs. The seats, enlivened with large brightly-coloured cushions in geometrical patterns, from the New York Collection, also really bring the room to life.


Sara Largo y Noelia Diego

In the area designed by Once Lunas, a practical, versatile dining-room, the wooden table is accompanied by four high stools with Gancedo upholstery: two in silk velvet in a subtle blend of greens, and the others in a velvet print, inspired by an oriental rug, from the latest William Morris collection.


Mónica Garrido

“Heavens Door Hotel” is the name of the zone by Mónica Garrido for LZF Lamps, a hotel lobby with the walls covered in écru tones. The distinctive curved design of the lamps by this company, with their fine wooden slats, inspired the whole project, from the architecture to the counter to the linen voiles, installed using the perfect wave system. In one small corner, a 1950s armchair has been given a new lease of life with upholstery in velvet printed with gouache bird and flower designs.



The ESNE Interior Design undergraduates have turned the first floor hall into a comfortable, informal meeting place: the Procolor zone. The décor is enhanced by Gancedo soft furnishings: sisal and jute rugs, throws, and large scatter cushions from our Gancedo Ethnic Collection, with patterns featuring ethnic and geometrical motifs in blues and écrus.

Don’t miss the opportunity to call in at the largest European-based Exhibition dedicated to decor and interior design and get acquainted with our fabrics and upholstery in situ. See for yourself how they dovetail with and enhance different types of decorating schemes. Until March 25 at Francisco de Rojas, 2.