Whether dealing with a restaurant, a hotel or offices, design solutions for contract areas have as their goal the fusion of painstakingly tasteful decoration with an environment that signals the philosophy and values of the business. For this reason, the most highly-regarded textile manufacturers strive to develop fabrics with fashionable patterns, prints and colours, which also meet the needs of those areas, that is to say, they must be hard-wearing and practical.

Gancedo is one of those firms and our latest collections of contract fabrics are proof of this: voiles, fabrics, upholstery, rugs, throws…an enormous variety of articles designed to promote up-to-the-minute practical projects with their own personality. What’s more, 2018 marks the start of the Gancedo Contract Year: never before have we had such a number of collections designed specifically for this market.

Tendencias contract: visillos de Gancedo

Contract voiles

In the Contract sector, the regulations governing the use of approved materials are extremely stringent. This is why, in our country, vertical hangings must be Class I; in other words self-extinguishing curtains, voiles, blackouts, wallpapers and fabrics which will not spread the flames in case of fire. These flame-retardant fabrics must also be extremely hard-wearing and easy to maintain. For this reason, it is vital to work with companies whose products will guarantee the best results.

Gancedo Contract voiles come in  flame-retardant 100% FR Trevira or Polyester, textured, embossed, with geometrical patterns, metallic, 3D-effect, open-weave, in linen and voile effect finishes…In a range of colours perfect for hotels: whites and ecrus, but also blues, greens and greys, understated shades which are easy to mix and match.

Tendencias contract: colección Náutica de Gancedo


Flame-retardant fabrics for outdoors

A few years ago the range of flame-retardant fabrics was quite limited, so much so that in many cases interior designers would choose normal fabrics which were then treated to render them flame-retardant. Nowadays, the outlook is quite different. Interior design professionals can opt for flame-retardant fabrics in a wide choice of designs not only for indoor use, but also for outdoors. Ideal for terraces and solariums in hotels and restaurants.

Gancedo’s Nautica Collection includes Class 1 flame-retardant outdoor fabrics, a great technological advance, since it is the first time we have offered a fabric which is both suitable for outdoor use and flame-retardant. Moreover, the patterns will suit any design scheme, since they feature New England Cape Cod-style stripes, solid colours and jacquards, pristine sailor stripes, solid colours in rich textures and jacquards with small necktie patterns.


Tendencias contract: colección New York de Gancedo


Upholstery and curtains

At Gancedo we have our own design studios and workshops, all of which allows us to offer a wide variety of designs in many different prints.

One of our latest design suggestions is the New York Collection which, following the latest trends, opts for geometrical prints both for upholstering and curtain-making. The fabrics in this collection are produced using a flame-retardant faux linen yarn. They are long-lasting and practical and come in fade resistant colours. The fabrics in the New York collection are available in bright colours: pink, mauve, navy blue, indigo, grey, sea-green and apple green…They also come in doublewidth, perfect for curtains.



Tendencias contract: plaids de Gancedo

Tendencias contract: alfombras de Gancedo

Rugs and throws

Likewise, when it comes to floor coverings, Gancedo offers designs which, as well as supplying warmth and comfort, provide a modern, up-to-the-minute alternative to traditional plain fabrics. The best example is our Polinesia Rug Collection. These are for outdoor use and inspired by the paintings of Gauguin, with geometrical designs, abstract stripes and zigzags, the predominant colours being red, yellow and blue.

Nor have we forgotten those other soft furnishing items which are so important when it comes to personalising and bringing rooms to life. Our Amazónica throws are knitted, washable and available in abstract foliage and ethnic patterns.

Tendencias contract: hoteles vestidos por Gancedo

Hotel Miramar Málaga city. Gancedo fabric.

Tendencias contract: hoteles vestidos por Gancedo

Hotel Hilton Barcelona

Tendencias contract: hoteles vestidos por Gancedo

Hotel Mimosa Barcelona

Tendencias contract: hoteles vestidos por Gancedo

Hotel Mimosa Barcelona

Trust us

When it comes to undertaking decorating projects in hotels and restaurants, there are many interior designers who choose our fabrics. Textile makers since 1945, at Gancedo we design, manufacture and market fabrics, rugs and wallpapers, offering a wide range of products suitable for contract (flame-retardant, outdoor…) and in an assortment of styles. The Miramar Málaga and Mimosa and Hilton Hotels in Barcelona represent only a small selection of these.

Moreover, we have a specialist team in every showroom handling advice, making-up and installation, as well as maintenance, and acting as the sole interface with the client, greatly simplifying the project.

At Gancedo it is possible to create bespoke designs from start to finish, finding materials which are quality, hard-wearing and washable to suit your budget.