Increasing numbers of restaurants, hotels, businesses and offices are opting for carefully thought out interior design through which gives the customer a sense of the brand image the company wishes to convey. Currently, interior design is one of the cornerstones of many businesses in the world of hospitality and catering. If you are in any doubt about this, just think how often we decide on accommodation or a cafeteria based on the décor.


Villa Higuera Hotel, fabrics by Gancedo Contract


Perhaps the sudden surge in photographing everything around us and sharing our routines day in day out on social networks – especially on Instagram – may partly explain why more and more establishments are seeking to emphasise their individuality through their decor. For this reason it is important to entrust the design of these types of establishments to professionals who know how to reconcile trends with the needs of the customer, with the image  to be conveyed and the practicality these areas call for.

División Contract de Gancedo

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, fabrics by Gancedo Contract Division.


This is where the contract channel comes in, with products that must not only fulfill an aesthetic role but which must also be hardwearing and long-lasting to withstand intensive use and the constant washing their upkeep requires.

División Contract de Gancedo

Hesperia Villamil Hotel, fabrics by Gancedo Contract Division

Quality and service

At Gancedo, thanks to our own factory, production workshop and professional fitters, we can guarantee top quality on every order. In addition to this, complying with fire safety regulations, we work with TREVIRA, the world’s major manufacturer of flame-retardant materials. We are the only company in the whole of Spain which has been designated a ‘Silver Member of Trevira’.


In addition, in each and every one of our branches we offer the services of a contract manager who will work closely with the client at all stages of the project providing advice on quality, durability and fire safety regulations.


Gancedo’s commitment does not end with the timely handover of the order, as our expert textile advisors – with their practical experience of problem-solving – will personally follow up on every project to ensure 100% satisfaction.


División contract de Gancedo

Chambre Deluxe Hotel, fabrics by Gancedo Contract


Variety of designs

At Gancedo we pride ourselves on our wide range of fabrics, wallpapers, fitted carpeting and rugs, in a variety of styles reflecting the latest trends in interior design. We offer fabrics specially designed for the contract channel: flame-retardant, hardwearing and washable, manufactured to the highest standard. We work with each client’s budget and offer the possibility of creating textiles designed to your own specifications from start to finish.


The new Gancedo Blackout (Foscurits) Collection

New Gancedo Contract Collections

Gancedo has just launched two new collections for the contract channel: Blackouts and FR Faux Leathers, both of which are flame-retardant and in polyester.


The Blackouts (Foscurits) line is designed for areas in which it is essential to guarantee long-term durability and strong resistance to light. They simulate textured fabrics such as hessian and mottling and are available in a range of muted tones, easily mixing with and matching the other parts of the décor.


The new FR Faux Leather Contract Collection by Gancedo


The Gancedo FR Faux Leather Collection showcases innovative fabrics featuring embossed textures, optical illusions, sateens with subtle sheens, and ostrich skin, raffia and grain-effect patterns. In areas of maximum transit, the Contract Sector, and above all in Hospitality, regulations governing the use of suitable materials are extremely strict. To this end, we are focussing on flame-retardant materials which, in addition to their inherent properties, also fulfil other functions such as high resistance to wear and tear, ease of maintenance and fine design.


Available in different specifications, some are highly resistant to 100,000 Martindale cycles, while others are antibacterial, especially water resistant for outdoor use (suitable for spas, wellness centres…), light and colour fast (terraces, gardens, boats) and each and every one resistant to wear and tear. They are also ideal for horizontal and vertical surfaces alike, indoor and outdoor furnishings and come in a range of up-to-the-minute colours: neutral shades as well as colours which are bolder but with a matt finish including some with metallic accents.

At Gancedo we have at our disposal all the tools required for designing hotels, cafeterias, restaurants and other public spaces: our own factory, a team of professionals with contract experience offering the very best advice, and a collection of fabrics which can be adapted to fit any design scheme.