Canigou Chromatic Vitral

Designs that mean a lot.

We espouse a textile culture closely linked to the most inspiring leading-edge design. We cultivate a unique sensibility for capturing trends and the timeless aesthetics that inform spaces today. We open ourselves up to the world around us, working with influential creators from all ambits to create special, one-off pieces.

We work with materials with character. Respecting their essence and textures. Moreover, we endow them with innovative functions: flame-retardant fabrics, resistant to heavy wear-and-tear, and suitable for outdoor use…Adding functions which go beyond their beauty, always supplying the best solution to the most demanding professionals.

In addition, thanks to our quest for the best for our clients and to our passion for leading-edge design, today we are also agents for top international brands such as Morris&Co, Sanderson, Ian Mankin…

In each fabric, wallpaper or rug there beats a passion for quality that only the savoir-faire of three generations can provide. We stand for quality which aspires to permanency as opposed to a throwaway world tossed hither and thither by fleeting fashions.