Last November, we at Gancedo presented our latest products for the new season in the privileged setting of the Amboage Palace, current seat of the Italian Embassy in Madrid.


The event was opened by the ambassador, Stefano Sannino, who after introducing the Gancedo family and highlighting their 73 years of experience in supplying soft furnishings for interior design, unveiled two of the magnificent rooms on the ground floor to the media representatives: the dining room and the smoking room, whose walls have been hung with velvets in anthracite grey and in a geometrical pattern respectively, both melding perfectly with the palace’s classical rooms in a bold and original way.


Presentación de las nuevas colecciones de Gancedo en la Embajada de Italia en Madrid

This collaboration is the result of work carried out by Gancedo in conjunction with the architect Teresa Sapey, who is overseeing the company’s new Madrid shop and offices project, as we will be moving to Velazquez, 38 in a few months’ time.


After contributions from the Ambassador, the CEO of the company, Manuel Gancedo, and Teresa Sapey, it fell to Beatriz Gancedo, Head of Marketing, to present the new Gancedo and HappyTEX by Gancedo collections; ideas which have inspired our list of new year resolutions aimed at improving the décor of our houses by using soft furnishings to turn them into lovely, pleasant homes.


Colección “Costa Amalfitana” de Gancedo,

1.Thou shalt create elegant, sophisticated settings

Upholstery will help you give a completely different look to any type of seating, turning it into a new piece of furniture. So, if you’re thinking of doing up a sofa or breathing new life into the decor of your sitting room, this is the moment to give it a sophisticated, on-trend look with one of the magnificent fabric or print designs you will find at Gancedo.


Amongst these, the fabrics in the “Costa Amalfitana” collection by Gancedo, comprising the ottoman “Amalfi”;”Sorrento”, a triangular geometrical texture, and the herringbone “Capri” in beige and ecru tones. All manufactured in pure cotton and highly resistant to wear-and-tear.


This collection is inspired by the shoreline bathed by the Tyrrhenian Sea, dotted with enchanting little villages, with their whitewashed houses on the hillsides, their winding roads and their boutiques proudly displaying gleaming white garments, handmade in natural materials.



2.     Thou shalt opt for extremely soft weaves and textures

Fabrics, as well as bestowing beauty on a room, have the power to turn it into a cosy, comfortable area; a place you want to spend time in. To achieve this, on-trend patterns and colours need to be combined with extremely soft textures that are pleasant to the touch, leading to an extremely comfortable room. Textures that make you feel warm inside the moment you see them.


That’s what the flame-retardant “FR Los Andes” collection from Gancedo Contract is like: chenilles, manufactured in 100% FR polyester, that envelop you and captivate you with their plush velvety feel. They come in plain with a herringbone texture, a two-tone zigzag and a reversible mock plain, all in a wide range of colours and highly resistant to wear-and-tear (40,000 Martindale cycles).


These fabrics are available in bold colours, totally on-trend, such as mustard, brick red, coral, mint green, Klein blue and petrol blue; in more neutral shades that mix and match easily, such as navy blue and forest green; browns and greys, perfect for urban interiors.


Colección “Cats” de HappyTex by Gancedo

3.  Thou shalt always seek confort

In keeping with the previous suggestion, of seeking a cutting-edge aesthetic without losing sight of comfort, in the New Year we’ll swathe ourselves in richly-textured soft furnishings which add the perfect finishing touch to the décor of any room.


The “Cats” collection from HappyTEX by Gancedo brings together different types of textures: velvets, chenilles, fine canvas, cotton…in washed pastel colours. Shades which blend easily with any decor, such as ochres, ecrus, taupes, browns, as well as different ranges of greens, blues, yellows and pinks. Providing exceptionally good value for money, Cats will prove the perfect partner for interior decorators’ very latest projects.


Colección "Foresta" de HappyTex by Gancedo

4. Thou shalt decorate thy house with the latest in tropical prints

Why should we keep palm tree, kentia, exotic bloom and tropical bird prints for the summer season? The rainforest is encroaching on us and challenging us to create bright, lively environments at any time of year. What’s more, we’ve been seeing these prints in fashion and interior design for a couple of years now, and far from fading, they’re going from strength to strength as one of the brightest and most colourful decorating trends for 2019, which Happytex by Gancedo has endorsed with its “Foresta” collection.


The latter features patterns printed on a linen and viscose blend, mixing plant motifs with geometrical ones, in a colour spectrum of the very latest bold greens, fuchsias and corals. Foresta comprises four main, large-scale patterns with floral motifs (palm leaves, bamboo leaves, cactus blossom and peonies), each of which mixes and matches with smaller-scale geometrical prints (stripes, herringbones…). All the designs were drawn up in a watercolour style. This collection comes in a width of 2.80.


Colección Smooth de Gancedo

5.  Thou shalt mix textures and colours

We’re rounding off our list of resolutions with the aim of bidding adieu to dull, dreary rooms and hailing fabrics which allow us to create decorating schemes of enormous visual richness. To this end, there’s nothing like experimenting with different textures and colours, always trying to find a balance and taking care not to end up with sensory overload. An “art” or skill which consists not only of surrounding yourself with the best fabrics but also knowing how to mix and match them. That’s why it’s best, if we’re not sure exactly how to set about this, to consult the professionals. As you know, at Gancedo, our team of in-store experts will be delighted to advise you.


To fulfil this intention of creating rooms with a rich, dynamic vibe, the “Smooth” collection by Gancedo is ideal. Inspired by the textures of the different materials used in architecture and interior design (terrazzo, brick, marble, wood, granite, stone), it comprises mock plains which range from needlecord and marbling to plaiting and loose weaves, bringing together different hues in one single piece, making them ideal for combining different colour palettes.